General Terms of Business


At the delivery of the boat the renter is required to deposit US $1,200 in cash or by credit card payment.


The deposit will be refunded immediately after return of the boat, in same condition as taken.


If there are any damages caused or the gas tank is running on empty, that amount will be deducted from the deposit left.


In addition to the rental price, the renter is responsible for the consumption of gas, as well as the cost for the briefing and cleaning.


You have an insurance deductible of US $ 1,200 per incident.


As the captain (skipper), you are responsible for obeying the local regulations.

In particular, the speed limits in the stated zones.


As lesser, we take no responsibility for violation of Florida regulations.

In case of a ticket or penalty, the renter is liable.


The renter is responsible for any damages that are not covered by insurance.


For example,

  • Violation of local legal regulations
  • Offenses prohibited by Florida laws or criminal actions
  • Operating the boat intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • Someone other than the renter operating the boat


Down payment by money transfer must be received not later than 7 business days after confirmation. At the latest, the balance is due 10 days before rental date. In case of short time bookings on day of delivery.


If the renter is no show, there is no refund of any payments.


If the renter is not able to use the boat in full due to an unpredictable technical defect or other circumstances, the terms of the Rental Agreement are valid.


A further compensation by the lesser is excluded